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05/02/08 16:34
Fern Moncrief

StemTech Health Sciences Opening in Malaysia Soon

STEMTech Health Sciences is expanding and opening an office in Malaysia. This is an important opportunity for you. We have an unprecedented new health product, foundational to everyone's health. If you are looking to fulfill your financial dreams while working with a company of integrity with a leading edge health product, and getting in on it even before we open in Malaysia, we offer you virtual sign-up at no cost to you. We are opening in Taipei on May 19th, then Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand. Lets start our work together now so that your virtual business will already be in place to become a lucrative business at the moment we open in Malaysia.

Fern Moncrief

redfern221 (Skype)


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Comment 3
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can you tell me more about stem tech

Comment 4
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Kenneth Stein

Gary, did you not see the website above? Go there., It helped me out and should do the same for you.
Comment 5
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Have you tried showing this on a Malaysian job posting website? That would probably help you to find new employees.
Comment 6
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How about trying to post the website in the box called "web link". Can you not read? It would be easier for others to visit the website.
Comment 7
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I've visited the www. selffullsource. com website and it looks like one of those online businesses where you need to pay in order to have an online job or business or something like that. There's no real health product or any real health related job position available. This is just one of those business website that promotes that you can earn hundreds of dollars if you would sign up and do the same thing just like what they do.
Comment 8
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Maybe Fern Moncrief is just trying to spam his online business at this forum. too bad. lets just ignore this guy and this thread and move on to other threads with interesting topics. I hope no one will post after this.
Comment 9
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To Abdul Hadi

Here are some vital information about stemtech:

STEMTech Malaysia, Sdn. Bhd.

5-1, 3 Mile Square Complex

151 Jalan Klang Lama

58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-7980 2007

StemTech provides high-quality stem cell services and other value-added services as well as umbilical cord blood stem cell banking for new mothers.

Apart from stem cell banking services, StemTech will also be providing stem cell medical therapy through its strategic affiliation with TMC Group's flagship hospital, Tropicana Medical Centre.

Comment 10
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The Story of STEMTech

STEMTech HealthSciences was founded in 2005 in order to bring a new breakthrough product technology to the marketplace. The beginnings of this natural, phytoceutical dietary supplement started as a conceptual theory in the mind of a research scientist at the turn of the century.

Prior to theory development, this scientist, Christian Drapeau, accumulated many years of experience observing the apparent health benefits derived from a remarkable fresh water plant. These beneficial results intrigued this young neurophysiologist, and he began intensive research to examine this phenomenon.

Initial results of this research lead him and his colleague, Dr. Gitte Jensen, to hypothesize what appeared to be a very intriguing theory involving adult stem cells, and how isolated extracts of this aqua-botanical, seemed to work to optimize the natural behavior of stem cells in the body.

For the whole story, refer on the link below.

Comment 11
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The initial post did not do enough to convince me but at least preceding ones have helped a bit. What is the stem cell technology all about?

Someone here also raised a pertinent issue whereby you are asked to submit some amount online through your credit card. Are these normally genuine cases or one of those instances where you risk losing your entire bank account?

Comment 12
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Why would anyone want almost everything done for them? Is posting or typing an internet link so much of a hassle? Come on, nothing easily comes on a silver platter.

I do not know if this is the right forum to ask this but I will still ask anyway. Has the stem cell technology and embryology found a common focal point? There is talk of sperm manufacture from stem cells

Comment 13
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I think on my personal point of view, that it is quite impossible to obtain sperm cells from stem cells. How could that be possible? It is logical thinking some times that we have to consult to understand things up. Talks are just talks without solid proof, i always believe that.

I think also that stem cell and embryology could have something linked with them but they are still far different from each other.

Comment 14
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Thank author of this post/commentI am very attracted to this stemtech. My brother is suffering from kidney failure (both kidneys). He is now undergoing dyialisis. Can stemtech health product help? If so, what product?

Tq. Waiting 4 your answer.

Comment 15
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Stem cells are cells found in most, if not all, multi-cellular organisms. They are characterized by the ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division and differentiating into a diverse range of specialized cell types. Research in the stem cell field grew out of findings by Canadian scientists Ernest A. McCulloch and James E. Till in the 1960s.[1][2] The two broad types of mammalian stem cells are: embryonic stem cells that are isolated from the inner cell mass of blastocysts, and adult stem cells that are found in adult tissues. In a developing embryo, stem cells can differentiate into all of the specialized embryonic tissues. In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing specialized cells, but also maintain the normal turnover of regenerative organs, such as blood, skin or intestinal tissues.

Comment 16
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samson lee

a friend email to me this latest stem cells enhancer which sound good. when will it be available in malaysia?
Comment 17
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I think so samson lee, as the original poster had said, Malaysia will soon be opening STEMTech Health Sciences, so i think everything that falls under the stem cell technology will be very much available in there. Let us just wait for the bulletin coming from stem tech Malaysia.

New discoveries most particularly in the field of science are good news to people out there who suffers from illnesses that we thought are not curable.

Comment 18
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Indeed, new discoveries that are mostly intended to cure those illnesses are great. And we have to look forward for the Malaysian stem tech, it would benefit lots of Asian people in that case.

By the way, is the Stemtech lab in Malaysia now open? I am curious on whether the establishment is already open or not. Hope anybody could post some sort of information regarding this matter, thanks a lot..

Comment 19
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A new product, can something be a bad thing, but more than likely this is not the case where stem tech of Malaysia is concerned.
Comment 20
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Yeah, who knows if the new discoveries would do good or do bad. The thing is how well the out come would be. Anyhow, let us just hope that stemtech health sciences in Malaysia do good. It is one of the break through in Asia i must say.
Comment 21
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Okay, okay, I did not know that much. I guess they may try to do a top notch job after all. Let us, for now, keep our fingers crossed on the subject, as it is always best to do so in light of hopeful thinking.
Comment 22
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Yes, the stem tech technology in Malaysia i think is one of the best innovation and is a break through in the medical field too.

To think that Asian have now a country where they can obtain stem cells or deposit theirs is a very beneficial idea.

Let us just hope that this stemtech in the country of Malaysia would work right and would be very much successful.

Good day to all.

Comment 23
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The success of it would surely be amazing and quite simple an astounding achievement, to say the least, that is.
Comment 24
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It is indeed a break through in the field of science and in the medical field. I love reading all your posts here, hoping for more posts to come. Thanks a lot guys.
Comment 25
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But how harmful can stem cell research be? I am seeing many pros, can't say much about the cons.
Comment 26
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Hmm.. I never thought of that until now smithy. I have to agree that we only see all the pros in this project and the cons, there seems to be none. But I think those who are behind this technology would not let us know about the cons (if there are any). Because it would have an effect on the overall outcome of the project. But I guess in due time we will know.
Comment 27
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Kuala Lumpur
Thank author of this post/comment"Stem Tech Capsules can be obtained from me, I am selling them"

Hi there,

If anyone needs to buy the stem tech tablets, its avaialble from me. It helps a lot in diabetic, high blood preasure, back pain and many other pains.

My email is


Have a great day ahead,

Bye for now,


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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 27 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: StemTech Health Sciences Opening in Malaysia Soon archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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