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07/05/09 03:48
curiously curious

Immigration Malaysia

Asia and particularly India is known to have tough laws. A famous couple from my country spent sixmonths in jail for not declaring their source of cash they were found in possesion of. Were it not for his popularity, he and his enstranged wife wuld be languishing in jail.

A few months back, students were sentenced to life for purpotedly dealing in drug cartels. How are the Malaysian laws regarding immigrants caught on the wrong side of the law?

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Comment 1
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Is immigrating to Malaysia such a tough exercise to engage in? What are some of the legal procedures one has to go through?
Comment 2
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Malaysia Immigration

Most foreigners are not required a visa when the duration of the visit is less than a period of 1 month with the purpose of business or leisure. The Malaysian Immigration Department will check their passports and other travel documents upon arrival. It is also important for these foreign nationals to follow the conditions and laws governing foreign visits and immigration.

I have the link here, try visiting it..

Comment 3
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The idea to not have a VISA as a basic requirement when the duration of visit is not more than a month is a welcome idea. Malaysia should have figured out that indeed this step would lead to more people visiting the country.

The big question is, what are some of the requirements when the period is stay is longer than what you have talked about? What are the stipends for being in Malaysia illegally?

Comment 4
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Yes, the idea is to attract more tourists to boosts the country's tourism. However it does not apply to everyone.

I think there are restrictions with regards to that rule. I just do not know the exact details. You can check the link that i provided earlier for the whole details.

Anyway if you are to stay longer then you are required to apply for a visa. simple as that.

Comment 5
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There are lots of things that a certain country introduce to boost their tourism. Like that of Malaysia. And so if you are to travel for a vacation for a couple of weeks then try visiting Kuala Lumpur. The fact that you would not be needing a visa is a plus factor.

That is if you are to stay for a short period of time only. Better research more on this matter.

Comment 6
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So for those honeymooners, go for some asian experience and try Kuala Lumpur. Without the hassle fo coming up with a visa is a great idea, don't you think?

Here is some sort of brief introduction about Kuala Lumpur:

Over the last few decades, Kuala Lumpur (KL) has been transformed into a thriving metropolis with spectacular buildings like the Petronas Towers (the second highest in the world) and extensive shopping opportunities through mega-large shopping malls. Unlike many Asian cities, Kuala Lumpur still has historical buildings, tranquil spots of nature and a warm cultural heritage.

Comment 7
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Any country has its own laws pertaining to immigration or immigrants and they have their strict laws in combating anti social activities like drugs.

Anyone who has plan to visit Malaysia, here's one Web Link to help you.

Comment 8
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Well laws are laws. Break them and you are sure that the long arms of law will eventually finds you unless you intentionally evade them by pursuing the life of crime and hiding. That is what laws are for but then again how can there be so many criminals or scumbags out there that have murdered so many people and ruined the lives of so many families and yet remained free and untouchable by society?
Comment 9
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I think because authorities have power limitations over the matter. You see, if those people in charge do not do all the things they could possibly do to make those criminals in prison then i think it would be nothing at all.

What we need in this society are strong willed law enforcers that would execute the law by all means, and mot just those uniformed men with no guts.

Comment 10
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Maybe you are right there Nicky, but still the public's cooperation is necessary and very important. Think of a situation where a poor, silly guy talks in front of so many that no one bothers to listen. Cooperation is very very very vital.. Nothing can be accomplished with just one member of the group striving to finish a project.

A dedicated law enforcers and a very cooperative public is the key in making crimes a history.

Comment 11
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Have to agree on that Ynah, i also believes that cooperation is the key for everything.

Anyway, here are some information regarding malaysian immigration

What documents will be required?

Documents required for a visa application without reference. Visa Without Reference is required for purpose of social visit

- Original passport

- Two (2) photocopies of passport

- Two (2) photocopies of visa application form (Form IMM.47)

- Two (2) passport size photograph of applicant

- Original air ticket and two (2) photocopies (confirmed and returned ticket)

- Bank statement / traveller's cheques

- Invitation letter (if any)

- Payment of visa fee

Comment 12
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Thanks for those immigration information Chiqui, have to check on that matter.

Lots of people are considering a trip to Malaysia, some for vacation purposes and some for employment or business trips. No matter what the reason are we having for going in this beautiful country, we should enjoy our stay and have lots of fun..

Have to suggest that link to my friend who would be having their honeymoon there in Malaysia.

Comment 13
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So your friend is out for his honeymoon huh, better check this out...

Malaysia contains some of the world's leading honeymoon resorts.

The country has a superb mix of golden beaches, lush vegetation, mountains and fabulous shopping. The mix of the ancient and the ultra-modern make Malaysia a fascinating place to visit. What's more, Malaysia has a tropical climate throughout the year, enjoying warm days and mild evenings in all seasons.

Comment 14
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I undestand that Asian countries are fierce on immigration laws, especially pertaining to illegal drugs. They will throw you in the can and forget about you.

Better make sure that you comply with all their laws. Some even have public flogging.

There are great vida web pages around that will inform yiu of everything, just look around the web.

Happy trip!

Comment 15
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I think that the reason for this whole discussion is that Asia is still considered as an exotic place to visit, but we really don't have to search so far away for more examples of strict law. Don't you think?
Comment 16
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Malaysia seems as though it has quite a lot to deal with already. I would not like to become a burden to the officials of that country, whatsoever. It seems, very much, as though all of them know exactly what they want, and no one can stop them from attaining their goals.
Comment 17
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Is this the case of is it something that I have blown out of proportion. It would surely be a pleasure to learn of it a bit more than I already do.
Comment 18
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You are right there, some of the Asian countries are strict when it comes to immigration laws. You really would need not to look that far to know some of this strict law enforcing countries.

Anyway, in case some would find my post and thinks of replying, i just want to know more about the Malaysian Immigration. Hope you guys could help me out with this matter.

A good day to all!

Comment 19
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There certainly are lots of good things to learn and forums like this could supply us with those information that are new to us Eve. Hope we can share some more information here to feed our brains with new stuffs and useful info.

Have a good day ahead. Smile :)

Comment 20
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immigration smimmigration, they need to just stop with the rules and regulations already.
Comment 21
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What are the rules that you wish to be stopped adam? I am sure there are some rules that are meant to stay for safety and for the orderliness of a certain agency. Hope you can clear things up adam. Thanks a lot and have a nice day to all.
Comment 22
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You are right there Adora, surely those rules of the law are made to serve as guidelines for the people of any country and in any sector.

So what rule are you pertaining to adam? What certain rule of the immigration are you pertaining to?

But well, let us just hope that everything turns out right there. Who knows? Hope to hear from all of you guys. And have a wonderful day.

Comment 23
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So much has been said about the Malaysian immigration so I thought of posting this here for those people who might want to learn more about the immigration in the said country. In this link you can learn more about the entry requirements, visa applications and more. You can check the site out by clicking the link that was posted below. Hope this link would help, have a great day.

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