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01/13/07 01:06
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Tour & Travel

Travel Services : Tour Operator, Ticket, Star Cruise, Voucher Hotel, Passport & Visa, Bus
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Comment 1
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Happy Holidays Tour & Travel

Travel Services : Tour Operator, Ticket, Star Cruise, Voucher Hotel, Passport & Visa, Bus
Comment 2
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Nguyen van Dung

Visit for offers vietnam tours vietnam travel vietnam package tours adventure in vietnam including trekking bird adventure bike cycling kayaking mice tours motorcycle rock climbing golf tour birding honeymoon packages rafting tours beach packages diving tours and package in Vietnam Laos Cambodia Thailand China Myanmar
Comment 3
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I am looking for information on trekking in Malaysia. I need a place to stay, a guide of some sort and maybe some good places to eat. If you know about any of those things, or know somewhere I can find information about it, please let me know as soon as possible.
Comment 4
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Stanley from Flo-Rida

Here is a site for trekking in Malaysia. Go there and you should find the info you need.
Comment 5
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Danny D

Thank you Stanley for the website. It helped me tremendously! I am planning my trip now!
Comment 6
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Site helped alot. Thank You.
Comment 7
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i am staying in KL.

my family & i would like to go tour to lake toba.

please give me how should i go by tour. 3 nite 4 days prefer.

Thank you.


Comment 8
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Looking for a package for the New Year. Any info on how to contact places would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Comment 9
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Lance where were you looking to go?
Comment 10
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Where can I find more information about star cruise, Malaysia?
Comment 11
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All the best as you tour Malaysia...I hope this link becomes of is sort of some travel guide and you get to search for the best offers in hotels too
Comment 12
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Many people are taking cruises to spend some time on and relax while also sightseeing great places like Malaysia. This web page gives you a lot of info on cruises departing from Malaysia. Good Luck!
Comment 13
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if you like been in contact with mother nature you shouldn`t miss this tours, the site has a complete information about the places and dates of the tours of birdwatching. Enjoy it!!
Comment 14
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I love trekking in wild country. I donīt like, however, to do it alone. Too dangerous! Can we get a group together to go on some lovely birdwatching trek? Give me a web page where we can make contact and I will give you my contact information.
Comment 15
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I am a traveling man, but I doubt that any time soon, I would be over in beautiful Malaysia. Though it would be amazing to see the wonders of this place, i may not be able to go there for quite some time in this current life of mine.
Comment 16
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what is the best place to visit in Malaysia and why would you recomend the place? please put all activities that you can do at the place and what are the famous restaurants , etc
Comment 17
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That is sad Eve, but i hope that you manage to get things back in their normal state ad manages to travel again.

I must say that Malaysia is one of the most beautiful country in Asia. I love the culture of this country and how beautiful are the surrounding that you can see while in there. Try to pay a visit there and you will find that everything that are spent are worth it.

Comment 18
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That is sad that any one in particular is not going to be able to see the best of the world.
Comment 19
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Those Asian countries are indeed a good place to visit, especially Malaysia. I also love this place very much and would certainly want to visit that country again. I have to suggest that if you are to have an Asian vacation, why not try Malaysia. They have lots of beautiful spots and delicious food too. Best of luck to all of us here and have a good day everyone. Ciao.
Comment 20
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Here are some of the must do while in Malaysia

Visit Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC

The 88-storey building is the world's tallest twin structures. Located in the heart of the capital city, the crown of the Kuala Lumpur contains a complex of office buildings, conference halls, a sprawling park and an upmarket shopping complex.

You can check out the link below to know more about the must see and do in Malaysia.

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